3 Things I Won’t Do As Your Newborn Photographer | Austin Newborn Photographer

As an Austin newborn photographer, I love documenting the real, raw, in-between moments. The ones that tell the story from beginning to end.  So when you welcome your sweet little babe, here are 3 things I won’t do as your newborn photographer.

3 Things I Won’t Do As Your Newborn Photographer

Authenticity Over Props

While I love the sweetness of those squishy, adorable baby props and posing pillows (and there’s no shame if that’s how you’re hoping to document your babe!), my focus lies in capturing the genuine connections and emotions within your family. I thrive on documenting the heartfelt snuggles, the tender kisses, and the beautiful chaos that often happens in those early days. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be perfect- a lot of times it isn’t if I’m being honest. But I want to document the big, little, and all the in-between moments that you might miss in the whirlwind of bringing home your sweet baby without any distractions like props.

Flexible Sessions, Zero Pressure

Time with a newborn is a weird thing. The hours can go by so slowly, but the days are flying by. I want you to truly soak up the present. A timer or set timeframe should never overshadow the joy of capturing your baby’s first days. My newborn storytelling sessions are flexible, timer-free, and not rushed in the slightest. Whether you need to take feeding breaks, grab a snack, or simply take a moment to rest, you never have to apologize or feel guilty for doing these things! This is a zero pressure situation, so enjoy it, love on your family, and hold your babe close.

Embracing Every Stage

This is the big one. It is NEVER too late to document your newborn. You didn’t miss a certain window or specific timeline, so if you read something online or your aunt twice removed told you you missed your window to take newborn photos, let it go in one ear and out the other 🙂 The best time is when you and the baby are ready. Babies grow and change so much during their first year of life, and there is magic to be documented at every single milestone!

While those early days are SO precious, I don’t want to add more pressure or anxiety to those moments. Just enjoy them! Often, waiting until your sweet baby is a little older isn’t a bad thing. You might be a little more rested, the older siblings are more adjusted, and any minor skin issues babe has like acne are usually resolved!

Are You Looking For Your Austin Newborn Photographer?!

If you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of your own baby, I would be so happy to connect with you and see how I can help document this sweet season for you and your growing family!

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