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There are so many questions when it comes to newborn photography. Families often ask, “when is the best time to schedule newborn photos?” I love answering this question, because I seriously believe there are several right answers depending on your family. The answer here truly is that each family is unique, shares a different story, and has the opportunity to pick what fits their lifestyle. Traditionally, most lifestyle newborn photos are done around 1-2 weeks after birth. This family in particular chose to delay their newborn photos and voted for capturing their baby boy, Hudson, around 4 weeks. I’ve had many clients choose to wait until the 4-6 week mark this year, so I wanted to share a few reasons why this might be a great fit for your family, as well.

Newborn Routine

By one month old, parents and newborns have slowly begun to master their everyday routine. Between feedings and sleep patterns, parents can better predict their everyday schedule which can allow for a more stress-free session. Delayed sessions can also provide toddlers more time to adjust to their new sibling. Newborn photography directly after birth can often leave siblings a bit unsure of baby. By 4-6 weeks, families overall have settled into their new lifestyle a bit more.

Personal Preferences

Families go through a big shift the first few months of welcoming a newborn. Mothers, especially, endure a lot. The healing process is super important for both baby and mother. Scheduling your newborn photography session after the 4-week mark can allow for optimal healing time both physically and mentally. Newborns also often develop baby acne in the first few weeks. Delaying your session can help allow time for any skin issues to settle before photos.

The greatest takeaway I want families to know is there is no wrong time to schedule, even if you feel like you missed the perfect window! If you have a question or would love to book your own newborn session, I’d love to hear from you! 

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