Family in Austin, Texas plays in Bull Creek during lifestyle photos

The Best Family Photography Locations In Austin, Texas

There are so many hidden gems in Austin, Texas! With incredible scenery and unique spots, it’s no wonder why so many families love to call this city home. Austin, Texas shares so many locations that are perfect for all types of photography. Three favorite locations among my clients are Commons Ford Ranch, Bull Creek, and Downtown Austin. These are absolutely some of the best locations in Austin for family photos- here’s why.

Commons Ford Ranch

Commons Ford Ranch is in west Austin and is perfect for both summer and fall sessions. The landscape includes endless golden grass, rolling hills, wooded trails, and even a beautiful dock on Lake Austin. In the summer, there are even fields of sunflowers that pop up! This location is able to be used for both sunrise and sunset sessions. Each winter, the city does a controlled burn, and the regrowth period takes several months which is why I usually don’t recommend it for late winter or spring sessions.

Bull Creek

Bull Creek is beautiful year round and offers lots of foliage and lush plants even in drier months. Bull Creek does flood easily with heavy rain, making it inaccessible at certain times, so it’s always good to have a plan B in mind if you’re hoping to have your family photo session here. When the creek is a little lower, it’s perfect to splash in which can make your session extra memorable for your littles.

Downtown Austin

It’s no secret that Austin, Texas is known for its downtown. This holds true for photo spots too! There are several options I love downtown. One of my favorites is SoCo as it allows for a true Austin feel with lots of color. Seaholm is another great option and offers a more industrial vibe. Finally, there are several amazing rooftops that are perfect for sessions right in the skyline!


As a long-time photographer in Austin, Texas, these are some of my most tried and true locations! Commons Ford Ranch, Bull Creek, and Downtown Austin surly stand out as some of the best family photography locations in Austin, Texas. For more information on how to book your next session at one of these locations, head over to my contact page to connect with me. I can’t wait to meet your fam!


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