What to Know: In-Home Storytelling

In-home sessions are one of the best ways to document of the people that you hold most dear to you. There is much to be celebrated in our everyday life that we often overlook. These sessions allow me to be a fly on the wall in your home to capture all of the details that make your fam so special in the place you love the most. Here are some of my favorite tips to prepare for your in-home session to make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Spoiler alert: none of the tips require you to have a Pinterest-worthy home 😉

Keep Surfaces Clear

Please hear me when I say your home does not need to be spotless! 😄 Honestly all of the time you spend deep cleaning will likely not be reflected in your photos! However, it’s super important to spend just a little time tidying up clutter. Consider surfaces like countertops and tables especially- these can easily be spotted in photos. Your house does not have to be clutter free, but keeping surfaces clear can definitely help you feel more at ease. This is also a simple way to make the background of the photos a little bit more appealing!

Natural Light is Best

Natural light is crucial for beautiful photos, so select areas of your home where natural light is best. Before our session, artificial lighting like lamps and overhead light can be turned off and blinds can be opened!

Plan a Few Activities

It can sometimes be fun to plan activities that you enjoy doing as a family! Think board games, reading, baking, and other things that you normally do together as a family. Recall the times that you have been spending quality time together and wished that someone was there to capture those memories for you!

Dance {And Play} Like No One’s Watching

I love to leave the family space to do their own thing. The more I interject ideas, poses, prompts, the less authentic your photos and your story becomes. I may direct you a little bit from time to time, but for the most part, these sessions are going to be ideal for families that are comfortable interacting with each other as if I’m not even there.

Take Breaks as Needed

During my time in your home, I’m not like a normal guest, so please don’t ever apologize for needing a bathroom break, snack break, nursing break, etc. Your job is to carry on about your everyday life, and I promise at the end, we’re going to have results that celebrate the magic of everyday life with your family!

In-home sessions are some of my favorites to document just because they are so personal and intimate. I’m so looking forward to getting to be a part of your world for the day! To schedule your own session, contact me here to get started!


Hi, I’m Jillian. I’m super happy you’re here! I’m a motherhood and family photographer with roots in Central Texas. Capturing raw, authentic emotion and telling stories of families across the Lone Star State {and the globe} is what brings me immeasurable joy. I’m a wife, fur mama (with serious dreams of being a stay-at-home dog mom), and professional multi-tasker. I’m an Austin native with a deep love for Texas and this beautiful city. You can usually find me with my family, hiking in the mountains (Colorado feels like home), or booking a trip somewhere new. Wherever I am, you can be certain I’m always chasing sunsets and epic views, and my camera is always at my side.