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This in-home newborn session with Andy, Rosie, and baby Ella was a dream! Not only was I honored to be invited and welcomed into their home, but meeting their sweet baby was a joy. And one of the best things about this dreamy in-home newborn session?! Their outfits were PERFECT! So, if you’re planning your lifestyle newborn session and figuring out what to wear, I’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips and tricks to nail down that perfect outfit!

Color & Tone

While we all love a fun color now and then, the key to dreamy in-home newborn sessions is keeping your outfits neutral and muted. Think earthy tones, warm pastels, and calming colors. Ivory and white do so well for in-home newborn sessions and are easy to match. Keep your home decor in mind too! Keep your color choices to something that complements your home decor and doesn’t clash.

The Cote family absolutely nailed their choices! Sweet baby Ella was dressed in the cutest warm ivory waffle-knit outfit, and mom had a coordinating white-toned blouse with jeans. The outfits were simple, and sophisticated and matched their home perfectly. Dad complimented those with a heathered blue tee that was perfect! 

Patterns & Textures 

To keep outfits from distracting from the sweet, tender, and intimate moments we will capture, we want to keep the patterns and textures on your outfits minimal and small. Stay away from the harsh and intense logos, and keep in mind your home decor. If your home has tons of cute patterns and textures, embrace them and keep your outfits simple!

Where To Buy An Outfit For Your In-Home Newborn Session

Now that we have a better idea of what to look for to outfit your in-home newborn session, where do we find these outfits?! 

Baltic Born has an incredible selection of stunning gowns, perfect for any occasion! They carry tons of variety in styles, shapes, and the most beautiful colors and tones. H&M, Zara, and Old Navy are great options for the whole family, including the babes. The best part? There are storefronts that are easy to shop at, and usually, you can find one very close to you! Don’t forget I have a client closet available for mamas and littles also, so if you’re not ready to purchase new items for your closet, I can help you find something to new to you from mine!

Are You Looking To Book Your In Home Newborn Session?

As an Austin newborn photographer, I love helping my clients style their lifestyle sessions to give them those intimate, timeless memories they’ll have for a lifetime! Your little one is only little for so long, so don’t let these moments slip by. I would love to capture your growing family in the comfort of your home.

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