austin texas family photographer

The Experience

Are we a good fit?

My approach may not align with every family which is totally okay! I believe every family deserves to have their story told in the most authentic way for them. If you’re considering me to document your story, here are my promises to you and what I want you to know before choosing me:

I promise to embrace the chaos, the messy, the imperfectly perfect moments. The chaos? It’s exactly what you’ll long to remember in 20 years. Which leads me to the next one…

I promise you can’t mess this up, and there is zero pressure. We are just hanging out with your favorite people which is totally impossible to mess up 🙂 Just be present, really present, and the rest will fall into place.

I promise to let your kids be kids. I let littles explore and play during our session, and I let them guide our session. If they don’t like getting up on dad’s shoulders, we’ll skip it. If they want to skip rocks or pick flowers, we’ll do it- and I hope you’ll do it with them. The families that work best with me are comfortable playing with their babies with little direction from me. I have tons of prompts and games we can play that will make your kids feel like we’re not even taking pictures, but I promise you there’s nothing your littles love more than having your full and complete attention. That can start with a prompt or game I suggest, but it has ultimately everything to do with you. You can run, spin, jump, twirl, dance your heart out- whatever your babies love is what I’m here to document. 


I promise to never set a timer. We don’t have a timeline {other than the sun}. I never set a timer or watch the clock. We’re just hanging out together, so you can feel comfortable taking a snack break or bathroom break if needed. You also never have to apologize for your kids being kids with me. Meltdowns happen, and they never stress me out.


I promise you a gallery full of unposed yet intentional images. But we won’t spend much time getting posed photos {if any}, and I never guarantee a posed photo in your gallery. It’s not my thing, and while I’m happy to try it, it’s definitely not why you should book me. I have wonderful referrals if you would prefer family photos with everyone smiling. But me? I’m not your girl.


I promise to make coordinating outfits effortless. Styling can make or break your session. I will never ever tell you you can’t wear something, but I also want you to know that styling has a huge impact on whether or not you will love your photos. And I want you to love your photos. I have a client closet for mamas + kids to help with this. It’s included with every full session- no extra fees and no shopping needed. If the items in my client closet don’t really feel like your fam, we’ll work together to coordinate pieces that feel true to you and your style.

I promise to document your story wherever feels like you. Your session can happen anywhere that feels like your family- a golden field at sunset, a shallow creek in the summer, a rooftop overlooking downtown, your own home. There are no rules, no rights or wrongs. This is your story, and it should feel like your family.


How should we prepare for our session?

Prior to your session, think about what kind of moments you want to document most. Do you want to document life at home exactly how it is on a Sunday afternoon? Do you want to chase your babies in a field of wildflowers at sunset? Do you want to do an activity the whole family loves like longboarding? This will help us choose the best location for your session. Styling comes next, and I will send a complete styling guide to help with this! I always recommend styling Mama first, then the rest of the fam. I know wardrobe costs can be an additional burden which is one of the biggest reasons I have chosen to include a client closet for Mama + littles up to age 7 completely complimentary. Additionally, all of my clients have access to Style and Select, a totally personalized and shoppable styling board. Through a short questionnaire, you’ll be able to choose outfits for your entire fam within just a few minutes. If you’re looking to buy something new, the items you choose can be purchased right then! If you’re hoping to find something that’s already in your closet, this is the perfect tool to help. Don’t worry- my client closet pieces are factored in to your results also!

What can we expect on the day of our session?

On the day of your session, remember that well-rested, well-fed littles are the happiest littles! Please don’t skip naps or meals before our session. I always brings snacks with me, but it’s usually a good idea to have a few on hand also since you know what your kiddos like best! If your kiddos are a little older, having a reward for them after the session is always a good idea. At your session, I choose to let the kiddos guide the way. If they want to do something or go somewhere specific (as long as it’s safe of course), we’ll do it. If they don’t want to do something, we’ll skip it. We never have an agenda or a schedule. The absolute best thing you can do is play and interact like I’m not around. How do you do talk to your kids at home just before bed? How would you play with them if you were at the park on a Saturday afternoon? Do your littles like to be snuggled, to be chased, to be tickled? Each baby is different, but I have yet to meet one who doesn’t love getting their parent’s attention. I will capture images from far away as well as small details from a close distance. You don’t have to worry about anything other than loving on your babes! If the littles seem to be distracted or upset, redirecting them is usually the way to go. Introducing a game or giving them a task to help with often works wonders!

What's next if we're ready to book?

Amazing! Please reach out through the contact page so we can start planning. Once we connect on a few details + dates, I’ll send over a booking link with a short contract, invoice for the retainer, and a planning questionnaire. The questionnaire is my favorite way to get to know you and your family, so let loose and don’t be shy with your answers! When those three items have been completed, you’re officially on my calendar! From there, we’ll be in touch often leading up to our session from styling details to location planning. After our session, you’ll receive your gallery within 4 weeks!